NB Environmental Services Ltd (NBESL)

NBESL became incorporated in 2004. Previously, the organization was operated as a Sole Proprietorship known as Trinidad and Tobago Recycling Centre (TTRC) which began operations in 2000. TTRC was founded by Neil Benjamin with the purpose of protecting the environment by the provision of premier Environmental Transport and Disposal services. With one truck crew but no truck, TTRC rented vacuum trucks in an effort to meet the needs of its increasing clientele

While the organization's name and structure has changed since 2000, the excellent service by which we were identified, has continued and improved. Our team is led by a intelligent and dynamic Managing Director, Mr Benjamin, and has grown to include thirty (30) strong willed, competent employees, now equipped with a fleet of vehicles which includes six [6] vacuum trucks, three [3] flatbed trucks with attached cranes, one [1] dumper truck, one [1] tractor truck with a 40ft trailer, one [1] hook loader and one [1] ton and a half truck.


In keeping with the new age management theorists of the twenty first century, the organizational structure in use at NB Environmental Services Limited encourages and promotes effective flow of communication among team members. The lack of a rigid bureaucracy allows for quick decision-making, increased flexibility and accessibility thereby assuring the most efficient and effective service for all.


Complies with the requirements of this procedure and any instructions given in associated training. Participates in operational and strategic risk assessments where required.

Conducts JSAs where required and ensure that identified risks are controlled.

Complies with identified risk treatments and controls.