• Stainless steel vacuum tankers with licensed drivers, truck attendants and a supervisor are provided to efficiently and reliably collect and dispose of the following industrial hazardous and non-hazardous wastes:

    Engine oil, bilge water, waste water, sludge oil and all hydro-carbon liquids.

    These materials are then moved to an approved disposal site, while adhering to the safety standards set out by the Environmental Management Authority (E.M.A.). All our tankers are accompanied by an escort, carrying emergency response equipment. When operations are completed, tankers are taken to a bioremediation facility for cleaning and de-contamination. We also provide a Temporary Waste Staging Service for liquid waste transportation and disposal.


  • Our cranes and 40ft. tractor trucks, make light work of the transportation of heavy material such while include but are not limited to:

    Iron, steel, brass, copper, lumber, barrels and IBC tanks, 55 Gallon Drums.

    We also dispose of many other materials such as:

    Fluorescent tubes, batteries, glass bottles, oily rags and filters, etc.


  • An integral part of the services offered at NB Environmental Services is the Hook Loader and Bin Rental Services. This service is a client favourite as it allows for the fast turnover of waste removal to our temporary waste staging facility. Our clientele includes multinational companies such as PCS Nitrogen and Mi Swaco, Methanex and Shell Trinidad. We also service a wide range of the Small and Medium Enterprises within the island. We manufacture and certify our own 5, 10, 12 and 20 cubic yard bins at NBESL, which are used for the collection and removal of domestic as well as construction waste.


  • NB Environmental Services offers scrap iron removal services from transportation to disposal.


  • • We are guaranteed to save you time and money with our very efficient forty second [40s] rotation drum crusher, which is located on our promises, allowing us to speedily crush and recycle drums for easy and safe transportation.


  • NB Environmental Services is always seeking to diversify our services in order to positively contribute to environmental preservation. It was this pursuit that led us into the business of Potta` Portables (portable toilet services). We offer competitive prices for the rental of Regular Units, VIP Units and Portable Sinks.


  • NBESL also provides other services in tandem with our solid and liquid waste disposal. These Services include:
    Incineration Services

    Our fifty five gallon (55 gal.) smart ash incinerator which adheres to the EPA requirements for burning non-hazardous refuse. Combustion is so complete that the volume of materials is reduced to an estimated three percent (3%) ash. Fifty five gallon (55 gal.) drums will be placed at designated locations for the collection of waste as per your directive. Once filled, drums will be weighed to determine volume and then transported to the NBESL incinerating site. The transport vehicle will at all times be readily equipped with ‘spill products’ in the event of an emergency.

  • Recycling service

    NBESL also provides a recycling service for office paper, plastics and glass bottles.

  • Transporting and Crushing of 55 Gallon Drums

    We also provide transport for 55 Gallon Drums of various materials up till disposal. All disposal certificates are provided by the approved facilities.


Control Systems. Performance Appraisal Tools and Equipment Checklist. Equipment Testing. Vacuum Tankers, HIAB Trucks, Incineration Service, Waste Collection Drums. Safety Gear Checklist. Safety Manuals. Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction. Incident Investigation Using Root Cause Analysis and Causal Factor Analysis. Safety Committee Review and Develop Procedures to Eliminate At-Risk Behaviours.

All control systems and strategies are utilized with the objective of achieving zero accidents or injuries.
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