There is No Better Way to Get Rid of Solid Waste

No tasks are ever too large at NBESL. Our flatbed trucks, with attached cranes and 40ft tractor truck, makes light work of the Transportation of heavy material such as iron, steel, brass, copper, lumber, barrels and IBC tanks, 55 Gallon Drums other solid waste items and materials.

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Liquid Waste Disposal

NB Environmental Services Ltd provides a prompt and efficient service to a vast number of organizations both in the public and private sector. Its principal activity is the provision of industrial waste transport services.

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Hook loader & Bin rental services

We Manufacture and Certify our Bins at NBESL. Our Bins are used for the collection and removal of domestic as well as construction waste 5, 10, 12 & 20 cubic yard bins.

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What We Do

NB Environmental Services Ltd (NBESL) became incorporated in 2004. Previously, the organization was operated as a Sole Proprietorship known as Trinidad and Tobago Recycling Centre (TTRC) which began operations in 2000. TTRC was founded by Neil Benjamin with the purpose of protecting the environment by the provision of premier Environmental Transport and Disposal services.

Let us take it off your hands!

From transport to disposal, NB Environmental Services commits itself to the preservation of the environment through scrap iron removal services.

Community Development
What's Happening

What's Happening?

NB Environmental Services Ltd, is always involved in projects in and out of the community in which we are based. We are ardently involved in the promotion of sports and recreational facilities, pioneering initiatives for the youth...

Great Things Ahead
Unrivalled Training

Toward the future

NB Environmental Services Ltd, is always at work to improve and diversify our services to meet the demands of our customers and a fast paced economy...